Color Matching

This week me and my partner Emma are making a prototype of a dating app.

The Premise

You are responding to a call to create dating experiences where couples can test how well they can communicate without using words or symbolic gestures. Is the other person a good “listener”? Do they give you room to lead? Or conversely, are they too timid and always waiting for you to take the lead?

The One Liner

We are making a color matching game where the compromise is key!

How it Works

1. The players (a pair of would-be lovers) sit across from each other with two laptops in-between them, one facing each player.
2. Each player selects a color in the color wheel presented on the laptop screen.
3. One phone will be given to the two players (to share)
4. The players hold the phone together and rotate it around to try to find their color.
5. In the ideal world, both players will be able to pick a color that is equally close to their color.



The Long Walk

When I first moved into the city, I lived in an apartment that was very far from the subway. It took me almost 20 minutes just to reach the subway on foot. Thankfully the apartment was month-to-month, so not long after I that, found another apartment (my current one) that is much closer. Let’s just say if I try hard enough, I can practically spit to the subway. It’s super close.

Oddly enough, when getting out of the apartment in the morning, more often than not, I find myself walking past the closest subway stop, and take the subway from the next stop 11 blocks away. Apparently, I liked the exercise and the morning breeze.

I used to hate the long walk in the morning only because it was something that I was required to do. The illusion of choice made all the difference.