Definition Of Technology

For my final project, I was inspired by

I am creating a definition generator for the word “technology” with the aid of Rita‘s Grammar feature.

My aim is to create definitions that are whimsical but also serious at the same time. I started off with regular dictionary-based definitions and then branching off by adding my own fillers wherever I see fit.

The work in progress can be seen below. It currently lives in this repository.

For the next week, I plan to re-style the website into something that more closely resembles a dictionary.

ICM Week 4 – Another Music Visualization

This week I teamed up with Schuyler to create a web music application. The idea is that the user is given a canvas to draw, we will then find a song that correlates to the drawing and play it for them.

The sketch is accessible here. (Though for now, you’ll need to fetch the access token manually, instructions are in the sketch source code).

The way it works is that we use DoodleNet, a machine learning model that can recognize drawings to get a prediction of what the user is drawing. We then use that information to search for a song based on the drawing result using Spotify’s web player and web API.