Own Time Clock

You know in the past some people set their clock 10 minutes early so that they are not late for things? Well, the issue with that is they are fully aware that the clock is 10 minutes early. At the end of the day, they will still be late for things.

The issue is that people will still know precisely how early their clock is. To combat this, I am making an “Own Time Clock”. The idea is that the clock will always be between 0 to 10 minutes early. Every 13 minutes, the clock will decide how early it wants to be compared to the reference time. This way, the person reading the clock will have no idea how early it is, therefore ensuring some level of earliness.

The clock will be controlled by a knob (rotary encoder) on the back. A push in the knob will change the mode, and the rotation of it will adjust the value of the hour, minute, and second on the clock.

Circuit diagram
View from the back
View from the front
From the side

Arduino code
Panel illustrator file

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