Creating A Sound-walk: A Reflection

After creating a sound-walk of my own, some things popped into my head that I feel are worth noting.

  1. Don’t be afraid to experiment. This is more of a personal note, but when creating things like this, it’s good to keep an extremely open mind to all of the possibilities. Something does not have to be a tried and tested thing to be worth doing. Any idea is always worth doing.
  2. When collaborating, be both openminded yet defensive of your ideas. Early on, whenever collaborating, I would be pretty defensive of my ideas or methods. I’ve always felt that I have good justifications for my ideas and that they are worth fighting for. As time goes on, I realized that it was not the way to go. When collaborating, it is more important to give room for others. That way things will go smoothly. However, now I feel that both are equally important. It’s a tricky thing to balance.
  3. Sound is powerful. Before doing this project, I didn’t realize how powerful sound is as a storytelling medium. I’ve always considered music to be powerful, but not regular sounds. I was immensely wrong.

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