iRemember: A Video Concept

We were tasked to create a video that satisfies one of the options below.

Option A: A 2-4 minute (max) promotional video for an invented object or service. This could be an infomercial, a design fiction, or an instructable

Option B: A 2-4 minute (max) alternative, speculative, or counterfactual video for an existing thing or service. This could utilize a genre such as documentary, whodunit, commercial, horror trailer, etc.

Me and my team (Adrian and Simone), decided to create a comedic-dystopian-infomercial for iRemember, a patch that one can stick on their forehead that will give them the ability to take photographs with their eyes and store it in their memory. There is a twist though, after a while, the iRemember patch will actually start to take over people’s brains filling it up with photographs.

Here’s the storyboard that we’ve come up with for the video

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