Documenting Sunset Park

Final Idea Brainstorm

For my final, I’m considering doing something along the lines of documenting and mapping the racial distribution of businesses in Sunset Park. Sunset Park is a neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY with a relatively diverse racial composition mostly split between Hispanic and Asian families.

Sunset Park has an interesting dynamic. There is a wide range of ethnic businesses starting from Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Guatemalan, Peruvian, Mexican, Columbian, Jewish, African-American, to even Egyptian businesses.

What is considered as an ethnic business?

For the purposes of this class, I will be examining businesses that target specific demographics, apparent by signage, identity, types of businesses that are offered, value propositions they propose, and other indicators.

Throughout this class, I will be collaborating with Max. He will map ethnic businesses in Williamsburg. We will then analyze the two neighborhoods and identify possible correlations between racial composition and the availability of ethnic businesses.

Data Documentation

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