Remote Connections

Even before the COVID-19 global pandemic, people have been having trouble making emotional connections with each other if they are physically apart. This is true of long-distance romantic relationships, people wanting to stay in touch with families and friends who live abroad, and even people who do remote work on a daily basis.

Some statistics:

The issue with establishing and keeping connections remotely is that it requires a high amount of effort to accomplish. Even with the ubiquity of VoIP and video calls, people still have to jump through hoops to connect with someone far away.

I personally have been and currently am facing this difficulty as an international student living in New York. A few of the pain points are listed below:

  • It requires effort to schedule video calls, phone calls, or even text chats when the people you’re trying to connect with are at a different time zone.
  • Even when schedules are lined up, there are often technical difficulties such as when people don’t have the proper software installed on the computer or someone has a slow internet connection.
  • Video calls are very intimate and for the most part, require a conversation to happen. Some aspects of relationships exist in simply feeling the presence of the other person without any active collective activity, this is still missing.
  • Often times, the other person only exists through a small screen, there is no illusion that the other person is actually there with you.

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