Drunken Walk Instrument

The Idea

Over the past few weeks, I learned a little bit about general music theory. One idea about it that I found interesting was that although music is generally guided by a series of rules and structures, the brilliance of it comes from the fact that it is unexpected. This got me thinking if I can integrate randomness in music to create that level of unexpectedness while still adhering to a level of structural rules. Moreover, I want to have the user be able to have some level of control, not just pure randomness.

I fell in love with this idea of “directed randomness”. An intoxicated individual can a lot of times have an idea of where they would walk, where they would move their feet. However, due to their intoxication, they have random tendencies to sway here and there, so they can’t precisely move their feet to the exact point they want. I’d like to implement that idea in a musical instrument.

I created a simple (non-musical) sketch as sort of a reference to what I want to do musically. Call it a proof of concept if you will.

Since I think it fits well and that we’re all productionally-challenged at the moment, I plan to utilize an enclosure that I’ve made previously.

Joystick and button enclosed in a plastic box

Bill of Materials

System Diagram

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