Drunken Walk Instrument: Part 2

Since writing the previous post about my drunken walk instrument, there have been some updates.

Good things first

  • I’ve gotten to a point where the instrument is making the sounds that I want. This involves going through music theory tutorials and trying out notes here and there. Yay! (code on GitHub)That is really it, just the one oo
  • That’s it, just one good thing

Bad things

  • My joystick “broke” as I was playing with it. The threads on the two screw-holes that held it to the mounting plate broke off. Luckily, with some careful placement of hot glue, it now holds together. (I’m pretty bummed that I didn’t document this process, now that I’m reflecting on it, it actually was a genuinely fun thing to figure out). If it makes sense, I used hot glue to act as a plastic plug to give friction and to expand to the nooks and crannies of the joystick.
  • I just now realize that I want to have an analog control of the tempo. The thing to build for next week I guess.
  • Currently this only works with midi instruments that fade off like a piano. I still haven’t figured out how to send a note-off-signal asynchronously in Arduino. Maybe create a queue of notes to be turned off, then on a separate interval time executes the turning off of them?

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