Drunken Walk Instrument: Part 3

I’ve made some updates to the Drunken Walk Instrument.

I’ve now included a knob on the side which controls the tempo of the music being played. Ideally, this functionality is better served with a slider, but we make do with what we have.

The LED on the main button now lights up in conjunction with the notes. Previously it is simply always on when a note is playing.

Previously, tapping up/down will make the chord move up/down by one-half note. This goes against the idea of a drunken walk where everything has a random element to it. Now, holding up/down will change the chances of the chord going up/down. The rules are as follows:

  • If neither up/down is held, there’s an equal chance of the chord going up, going down, and staying still.
  • If up us held, there’s a 70% chance of it going up, 20% of it staying, and 10% of it going down.
  • If down is held, there’s a 70% chance of it going down, 20% of it staying, and 10% of it going up.

Hopes and Dreams

  • Now that it got to this stage, I realized that the enclosure and tangible controls are not the best for this. I think something that’s close to a PlayStation/Xbox controller would work better.
  • Use an analog joystick instead of a digital one.
  • Adding a sustain button would be nice. Currently, all notes are sustained. A more granular control will produce better music.
  • Adding a mechanism to change the chord would also be nice. Currently, it only plays the major eleven chord, switching between that and a few other major chords could provide some variety.

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