Time Sketch #1: Semi-early Clock

I grew up with a clock that is always ten minutes early. This was before the age of the internet, we only had one clock in the whole house. It was only at the age of ten that I realized that the clock was ten minutes early. When I asked my parents about it, they explained to me that they set it that way so that we were never late for things.

The thing is, once I realize that the clock is early, my mind started to compensate for the early clock. I was yet again late for things.

As an adult (or rather as someone with an adult body), I’ve fully understood that this method of setting a clock early doesn’t work if we are fully aware of how far early the clock is.

As a mini tribute to my parents, I made a semi-early clock. This clock will only sometimes be early. It can be anytime from not early at all to 10 minutes early. It acts like a regular clock, but when the minute hand moves, it might or might not move to it’s “accurate” place.

See it live

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