Time Sketch #2: Don’t Look at The Clock

Upon reading the first chapter of A Sideways Look at Time, I came across this concept of Kairological time. Regular chronological time is (for the most part) constant. It follows a standard set of ticks, moving forward constantly, unyielding. Kairolgical time is somewhat cyclical, it follows the flow of life, opportunistic.

I like this idea of living following a kairological time. It is an opportunity to be more connected in what I do. This past year has been a rush of adrenaline, I constantly worry about not having enough time to do what I want. I would look at the time constantly worrying that I’m taking too much time performing a certain task.

I realize that this is not healthy. Yes, there is a positive aspect to being punctual, especially in a professional context. However, constantly looking at the clock, letting myself be pressured by time, is not constructive for my creativity or mental health. Growth happens when it happens, it does not stick to a timetable.

I made a clock that moves faster and faster the closer you are looking at it. I used the webcam to estimate how close the user is to the screen.

This serves as a reminder to myself to give me the time that I need, instead of using the time that I have. Quality of growth beats quantity of growth any day.

See it live

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