Virtual Escape Room Idea

This work is done through the collaboration of Martin Martin, Helen Zegarra, and Candy Yang.

The original goal of this class for me personally was to build an escape room that is fun and physical. Due to the fact that pretty much all of us are constrained to our apartments, we’ve decided that we want to build a single-player unsupervised online experience without a game master instead. This will enable the experience to exist permanently on the internet and practically anyone with a stable internet connection and a web browser can access it.

We brainstormed together and fell in love with the idea of having a narrative story that involves the use of an unreliable narrator. We think that this plot tool can be used to add suspense and excitement while playing. This is important to us because not having the user physically present at the site will create a situation where the user can easily give up on playing the game. However, after reading some material and having a discussion about it, we realize that putting too many red herrings in the plot tends to be offputting to the players.

So far, we’ve come up with this storyline:

  • The player is a private investigator hired by a lifesaving company to track down a thief who stole a secret formula. This secret formula is needed to start the production of a miracle life-saving drug.
  • After some investigation, the player will be able to track down the name of the thief. A series of puzzles will be played on this stage.
  • The player find the diary or notes of the thief after doing some hacking.
  • After reading the diary, the player realizes that this thief is an investigative journalist/reporter and the company that hired them is actually evil.
  • In the end, the player will be faced with a decision between good and evil.

Some more notes are available in this google drive link

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